Stephen Gemignani Creative | CARE Night Charity Ball
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CARE Night Charity Ball

Original design for CARE House of Oakland County. CARE House is a non-profit organization helping sexually abused children and their families.


All materials were created for the charity’s annual signature event called CARE Night that was held at the Townsend Hotel (Birmingham, Michigan). The idea of illuminating children’s lives was carried through in a photo illustration of twinkling stars floating around a glowing moon in the clouds. The illustration was used as the main art on all printed materials for the event.


In addition to creating the artwork and materials, I was responsible for the planning and decorating of the event space. The ballroom design corresponded with the printed work. Glowing orbs of various sizes hung throughout the ballroom and lobby. In addition, “solar system” chandeliers of my original design appeared to be floating above the dining tables.